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The Most Dangerous Phrase In Business: “We've Always Done It This Way”


We've Always Done It This Way really means We can’t remember why we started doing it this way. 

It can also mean We DO know that this way works for us, at least so far.

Static Companies Don’t Succeed In Changing Times

What goes unsaid?

Give us a good reason to change.


So Let’s Start With CC-300


Through extensive research and testing Ultimate Chemicals has developed CC-300 Another Ultimate Chemical 

That Delivers Ultimate Results 

The New Industry Standard In Fin-Fan 

Cooler Cleaning


We have also definitely learned 

what doesn’t Work


Defining The Problem:


Every 1mm of dirt results in 10% or more loss in efficiency.


Determine The Solution:

What Is The Best Way To Safely Clean And Remove Dirt From Aluminum Finned Tubes


Our Primary Objective Always Begins With



What We Learned That Doesn’t Work:


When Caustic (Degreasers) are used on aluminum, it tends to etch the surface. This condition will be made worse with elevated temperature and longer periods of time. Additionally, the higher the concentration of the cleaner, the worse the etching and discoloration.

Free caustic will quickly reduce the naturally-occurring oxide on aluminum and immediately start to etch and dissolve it. 


Soda And Dry Ice Blasting (Crystals)

Are Too Abrasive And Causes Micro Pitting On The Surface Which Causes Increased Potential For Surface Corrosion Which Attracts And Retains Dirt And Weakens Integrity Making Fins Brittle


CC-300 Is Designed And Formulated

To Actually Dissolve Dirt & Contamination

CC-300 Is Non-Caustic 

CC-300 Is 100% Aluminum Safe

CC-300 Is Readily Biodegradable


Ultimate Chemicals Cooler Cleaning Service

With our chemical & process, we use only 25% of water to rinse. 


* We provide clean water

*Less Water & Rinse Time

 Fin Straightening

Your Opportunity Is Here To Try & Compare

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Your Opportunity Is Here To Try & Compare

Make The Ultimate Decision Today



Here Is Your Chance To Achieve 

The Ultimate Results You Need

Maximize Air Flow

Increase Cooling Efficiency

Increase System Uptime

Increase Utilization

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce System Downtime

Reduce Emergency Callouts


It’s The Cooler Thing To Do 😎

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